Land Run Alpacas

Updated  February 2019

It is early on, but she was over 20 pounds at birth and is a nice beige girl. Juneau is exhibiting an even temperament and looks to have great conformation. Sired by highly decorated Xanadu P Aristide ,  Juneau has a great "go-to-mom" for all her nutritional requirements. She is a cutie (already soiled by the Oklahoma red clays....☺) at about two months of age and more than 40 pounds in the picture with mom (Flora) above. We are quite pleased with her recent arrival.


  • NAME: Land Run Full of Grace
  • ​COLOR:  True Black
  • ARI #: 35488019
  • DOB: 07/13/17
  • STATUS: Maiden
  • PRICE: $2,500

Unproven (maidens)

  • NAME: Land Run Juneau
  • ​COLOR:  Beige
  • ARI #: 35380542
  • DOB: 06/22/18
  • STATUS: Maiden
  • PRICE: $5,000

Nice stature and soft true black fleece. Her daddy is RNRR Shades of Grey  (a dark silver grey) and she is extremely curious and playful. Land Run Hot Rod Harley is Eve's momma. 


Our summer surprise  baby surprised us again with beautiful true black fiber sporting great staple length and lovely crimp. Her daddy is JRA Cimarron's Jesse and her mom is our own GNLC Mariposa. 



  • NAME: Land Run All Hallows' Eve
  • COLOR: True Black
  • ARI #: 35436966
  • DOB: 10/19/18
  • STATUS: Maiden
  • PRICE: $2,500