Land Run Alpacas



Have you considered entertaining guests with an alpaca experience? Weddings, birthdays and corporate functions might be looking for something a little different these days. Alpacas' high level of curiosity can easily force a big grin on people's face while allowing folks to get a warm fuzzy-feeling (literally) at the same time. 

If planning on using our alpacas for such events, know that they are available only during certain times of the year. Generally speaking, they are available from February 15 through April 15 & from September 15 through November. However, please check our "Events" tab above and call us for availability as the calendar changes frequently.


So, whether it is felting, partying or visiting our ranch to gather more information regarding alpaca ranching, know that much of it is going to be hands-on experiences ...

assuming  all participants are willing of course.

Bottom-line ... call us. As pointed out on the Home Page ... we '... love to "talk alpacas"'.

Needle-felt art

Farm visit from FFA

    Updated October 2019

Owning / Agisting / Education / Entertainment

Needle-felt art

Whether you are interested in ranching the alpaca-livestock, utilizing alpaca fiber for your own use or simply curious as to what goes into raising these animals, feel free to call us. We have learned quite a bit since entering the alpaca ranching business in 2013 and are always ready to visit.

Starting Your Own Ranch

Many things should be considered before starting your own alpaca ranch. Aside from the usual business aspects of money and the business plan itself, the reason(s) for owning these animals needs to be well thought through. The alpaca business is a life-style as one of my mentors put it, and yes ... there is much ranching work to be done.

Pastures must be well maintained and kept free of stickers, noxious plants and physical hazards. Many of these items can be discussed in detail with a mentor but constant attention to the animals' environment is paramount to the welfare of the animal.

Fences, guard animal(s) and appropriate nourishment are necessary ... again to the health and the promotion of good fiber production. In a nutshell, it is a full-cycle, holistic approach to care for these guys/gals .... pasture management, breeding, construction, equipment & facility maintenance, animal husbandry and end product ---marketing of animals and animal products. Alpaca ranching is as challenging as it is interesting in that it offers many opportunities to learn and  grow your knowledge base about these curious creatures.

Fiber User

Are you one who knits? Crochets? Spins? If so, you might consider owning your own source of raw fiber. Whether you have room (land) for your animals or not, you too can own an alpaca. We offer agisting (boarding) for your animals even though you would own them. Life expectancies can be as much as twenty years but the sourcing and value of having access to your own fiber may be of interest to you.

Fee structure is unique to each individual circumstance, but the utilization of your animal is your choice. Breeding and showing the animal is up to you. Taking care of it is up to us. Please call if you would like to discuss the possibilities.

Education Opportunities

These animals are of South American, ancestral descent. Though no longer imported to the U. S., herds today are now "home grown". We can offer some "touch and feel" experiences here on the ranch for interested groups of people. Formal "tours" are encouraged ... picnic and pet the 'paca. Call ahead to make an appointment, check for available programs and fees.

Something new are classes/instruction for dry, needle-felting (see examples below ... this is  all made of alpaca fiber - obviously we do not own blue or orange alpacas ... fiber dyeing is yet another topic!).